Home Sport Foam Tile 20 mm

Home sport and play mat full stack Home sport and play mat stack Home exercise foam floor daycare Foam floor home exercise wall

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Color Choices

  • redblue swatch
  • blackgray swatch
  • greenbrown swatch

Versatility is a great feature of this foam floor tile, Home Exercise and Play Mat 20 mm product, as its bright colors look great and its high quality EVA foam material provides plenty of durability. For example, using these foam play mat for kids and home exercise, such as aerobics or taekwondo, is a common flooring installation choice.


  • Durable top texture for sport shoes
  • Great for home basement floors and home exercise room flooring
  • Extra thick waterproof foam material
  • Durable EVA foam material
  • Lead free and latex free and very low or no odor
  • Easy to install and remove, cut to fit for wall to wall
  • Lightweight portable and easy to clean
  • Double color, double sided foam tiles


  • Thickness - 20 mm
  • Length - 2.00 feet
  • Width - 2.00 feet
  • Weight - 2.00 lbs
  • Manufacturer Warranty - 1 Year