Indoor Court Tile

ClickCourt Tile. Flat top tile 4 tiles. Flat top tile stack. Flat top tile red border. Flat top tile full bottom.
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Color Choices
  • Flat top tile Black
  • Flat top tile Light Gray
    Light Gray
  • Flat top tile Blue
  • Flat top tile Red

Designed for indoor basketball and volleyball court floor installations and as a base for dance floor sprung floor systems. This high-quality, modular, snap-together floor tile is made from virgin no-break polypro- pylene plastic material and features a 20,000 lbs. per SF load rating. The loop and tab connector system is designed for repeated installations with ease as a portable floor when needed. This tile features a flat top surface texture. Install with 3-6 mm rubber underlayment.


  • Easy snap together modular floor tile
  • Tight fitting athletic sports flooring tiles
  • Easy to disassemble for repeated installations
  • Computer designed durable tab and loop connector system
  • Gym floor color options and line paintable
  • Designed for 10,000 lbs per SF of static load
  • Volleyball and indoor basketball court flooring tile option


  • Thickness - 5/8 inch
  • Length - 1.01 feet
  • Width - 1.01 feet
  • Weight - 0.90 lbs
  • Manufacturer Warranty - 5 year limited